Lufwanyama and Chingola, Zambia

October 2016

children wait for treatmentHALO Missions traveled to Lufwanyama and Chingola, Zambia in October 2016 to provide medical care and assistance to orphans and their caregivers. HALO traveled to Zambia with Dr. Bopp, our Medical Director, an ophthalmologist, five dentists and a support staff. Our teams worked tirelessly to triage and treat approximately 2,400 patients. Many were treated for infections, parasites, malaria, wounds, cataracts and eye diseases, dental and other ailments. With your help we have spent the last two years dedicating our time and resources to helping AIDS orphans in Zambia.

We are please to report the following results:

doctor treats AIDS patients
CATARACT SURGERIES: HALO obtained governmental approvals and started up a cartaract surgical unit to perform sight restoring surgeries. Out initial efforts resulted in the restoration of sight to more than 10 legally blind individuals in the Chingola region. We are now making plans to purchase surgical equipment so we can perform hundreds of surgeries next year. In addition, we will be training local ophthalmologists in a major metropolitan city hospital (Ndola) to perform surgeries throughout the year with our equipment for future generations. Below is one patient's experience.

Alice wound care Daniel: Daniel is a married man with nine children, who also looks after village orphans. Daniel had cataracts in both eyes and was blind for two and a half years. He had to be led by the hand, was unable to work, and his wife had to provide for his family and the orphans in his village. Daniel was led into surgery on October 17, 2016 for the first eye, with the second eye surgery performed on the next day. Daniel is now able to see for the first time in over two years and he can go back to work to support his family and village. In short, Daniel received a MIRACLE due to your contributions.

educate orphans classroomDENTAL SURGERIES: Dr. Laurence Wynn of Stony Brook University and Dr. Richard Bonati of Nesconsett assembled a team of five dentists. Your contributions purchased two MASH style tents and dental equipment necessary to perform examinations and provide dental care to more than 1,200 dental patients. In addition, more than 1,000 extractions were performed and the patients were provided toothbrushes, toothpaste and lessons on how to brush and care for their teeth.

READING GLASSES: The Patchogue Lioness CLub provided us reading glasses. We handed out several hundred pairs of these glasses to the orphan's adult caregivers.

eye treatment glassesEDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE: In Zambia, although there are public schools, students cannot attend unless they have school uniforms. Your donations purchased uniforms for the hundreds of children in the villages we served. These children can now attend school due to your help.

CLOTHING FOR THE CHILDREN: Your support enabled HALO to hand out thaousands of dollars worth of clothing to the children. This includes: shirts, pants, winter coats, and shoes (to prevent parasites and other diseases).

GIFTS FOR THE CHILDREN: You enabled us to purchase soccer balls, baseball equipment and jump ropes for the children. In addition, a member of our dental team, Dental Assistant, Nicolle Campisi of Islip, taught the children how to jump rope - the children were very fast learners!

needed supplies for orphans hygieneLOVE, HOPE AND FUN!: Because of your contributions, we were able to spend another week helping underpriveledged children and adults in Zambia. Once again, we all agreed that we were blessed to be in the presense of the beautiful people. Both the children and adults taught us about love, hope and preservernce - we were the lucky ones to have been in God's presence in serving them