2022: HALO Missions Traveled to El Salvador, Revisited an orphanage for abused children.

Provided music and a party for the children and donated months' worth of food and fruit trees. We discovered that "HALO" the cow had escaped for a week. During her week of freedom, she became pregnant, and gave birth to a calf. The children named the calf "Missions".

2021: HALO Missions Traveled to Argentina and Provided critical surgeries for the extreme poor in Northern Argentina.

Our team of doctors performed eye and general surgeries as well as provided general medical coverage for hundreds of people.

2021: HALO Missions Returned to El Salvador

Provided funds and volunteers to renovate additional schools, churches, and an orphanage for abused children

2020: HALO Missions Traveled to El Salvador and Provided monetary aid to renovate schools, churches, and an orphanage.

We provided grants to several schools to build and renovate bathrooms, kitchens and classrooms and again visited an orphanage to donate food supplies and clothing.

2019-2022: HALO Missions Traveled to Ghana and Provided monetary aid to fund a school-based project aimed at enhancing the living conditions of vulnerable children exposed to horrific forms of child labor.

Many children in Ghana are exploited and forced to work as school conditions are poor and family finances are scarce. The goal of the project is to significantly improve the schools so that they are more attractive to children thereby increasing school attendance.

The project includes building a multipurpose building that houses a library, health post, computer lab, and playground. The school population targeted consists of over 800 children.

2019: HALO Missions Traveled to Dominican Republic and Held 4 medical clinics for the extreme poor.

The care consisted of general medical care and eye surgeries, and medications were donated to the patients. Hundreds of people were treated.

One woman was diagnosed with Marfan's Syndrome, causing blindness. She had bilateral retinal detachments.

Surgery was performed and her eyesight was restored, allowing her to see her 2- and 5-year-old children for the first time.

October 2018: HALO Missions Traveled to El Salvador

Provided dental and surgical care to more than 1,000 patients. In addition, we provided grants to several schools to build and renovate bathrooms, kitchens and classrooms. We personally sealed and fixed a leaky roof at a school for disabled children. We also gave away toys, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Finally, we provided food packages to the malnourished families in the hard to reach mountain regions of this impoverished nation. Several hundred young children were treated to the first pizza they ever enjoyed. We also visited an orphanage for abused children, took the children to a beach resort for the day, gave them a clown show and fun activities and games, and provided the children with their first McDonalds meal. We also donated several months' worth of food, and a cow the children named "HALO".

June 2018: Zambia mission Video

September 2017: HALO Missions Returns to Zambia with Medical Staff

In September 2017, HALO traveled to Zambia with Dr. Bopp, our Medical Director, Dr. Stone and Dr. Paula, our ophthalmologists, Dr. Harrison and his team of 5 dentists, and 2 nurses. We are excited to report the following results:

Medical Care:Provided dental, ophthalmic, and medical care to more than 3,000 patients.  Our eye doctors restored sight to more than 70 people, and our dentists and doctors restored the health of thousands of orphans and their caregivers.  We also purchased and installed an irrigation and water transportation system for a village and planted the villages first crop with the assistance of the orphans.  In addition, we gave away hundreds of sets of clothing and school uniforms so poor children can attend school.  We also gave away clothing, books, toys, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to orphans.

Dr. Baxter performing tooth extractions.

October 2016: HALO Missions Returns to Zambia to Provide Dental Care, Reading Glasses and Clothes to Both Children and Adults

HALO Missions has completed a second mission trip to Zambia, this time visiting the villages of Lufwanyama and Chingola. In this trip, HALO Missions provided medical care and assistance to orphans and their caregivers. This year we were able to to triage and treat approximately 2,400 patients. In addition to the medical care, we also provided the children with school uniforms so they can attend school and recreational games, such as soccer balls, for them to play with in their spare time.

Several orphans playing around with one of our dental assistants.

September 2015: HALO Missions Helps Provide Medical Care for More Than 600 Children in Zambia

HALO (Health and Learning for Orphans) Missions, based in Central Islip, New York, recently made a mission trip to Kitwe, Zambia in the province of Lufwanyama. While there, HALO collaborated with Teen Missions International to provide supplies and medical care for more than 600 children who are orphaned as a result of the AIDS epidemic in the region.

Several orphans greet the HALO Missions volunteer team as they arrive in Kitwe, Zambia during the September 2015 mission trip to the region.

Doctors and nurses interested in signing up for the upcoming or future medical missions trips, and individuals wishing to contribute or volunteer should click on the get involved links from the home page.